Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cricket Muve Music (without the Muve)

Now for something a little different: a technical blog.

I recently sold my Motorola DroidX phone. The decision was driven by finances, not dissatisfaction. I'm dedicated to living as frugally as possible, more as a lifestyle choice than out of necessity, and the DroidX was costing me just under $90 a month, with no cheaper plan available. I decided to switch to a cell with the least expensive plan available, and prepaid (and optional) in case I didn't like or need the phone, or just wanted to spend my money on something else that month.

A bit of research led me to Cricket's $25/month prepay plan, and because I love riding my local trail with music in my ears, to a phone I could put my collection of ambient and minimal tracks on. The phone that jumped out at me was the Cricket Muve Music phone.

That turned out to be a mistake. The phone-to-computer USB connection did not serve up the phone's storage as a drive, as my DroidX phone did. I had no way to load music, and there is one and only one app on the phone that did: Muve Music. Which, it turned out, is some sort of web-based subscription service.

I had no intention of spending more, especially by subscription every month, to get music on my phone. So I did without for a few months.

Then I found a solution. Here's how to put your own tracks, at no additional cost to you, on your Muve Music phone.

You'll need a micro-SD card reader with a USB interface to your computer. Pull the card from your phone and slip it into your reader. That card then becomes a small external drive for your computer.

Open the folder called DCIM and create a folder called Music in it. Open that folder and copy your MP3 tracks into that. Put the card back into your phone. Select the phone's Music Player app (NOT the Muve app). Voila! Your tracks appear and you can play them by touching one. Me and my Muve phone now ride the trail together, happy as clams. Assuming clams can actually be happy.

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